Four weeks in Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

November 2022


October 2022

A sentimental note

August 2022

An (unmorbid) rumination.

July 2022

I should begin with how I loved him, in what manner, to what degree, with what kind of incomprehension.

May 2022

After I had taught you German for a semester, you gave me a lime with your phone number written on it — a pick-up lime — and asked me out for ice cream.

March 2022

On making a coat.

November 2021

The NBA season has started, which means I now live with someone whose entire reason for being is to follow the movements of a bunch of extremely tall…

October 2021

17 August – Claire Saffitz’s Malted “Forever” Brownies. “Another brownie?” says Rhys, who has sampled brownies made from at least eight different…

September 2021

Hello hello, and how are you? I am writing this from home, where we have been in lockdown now for about six weeks.

June 2021

He dislikes being complimented on things he has not worked for.

May 2021

I was sewing a new dress when I found out, white flowers on a dark blue ground.